A note from me...

We’ve all heard the saying – if you want to make God laugh, tell him/her your plans. God really finds me humorous because I am a planner, dreamer and forward thinker by nature. Well, the past few months, God decided to rework my plans – obviously, there’s something different awaiting Senait and I.

Just a Pretty Face Skin Care and Wellness
Going through the process to launch a business was such a blessing and a wonderful experience. After some revelations, I realized where my true strengths and interests lie in the beauty/wellness/fitness world. I really enjoy advising people regarding their personal wellness journey.

There are so many factors at play when it comes to achieving goals, receiving one services here or there or purchasing a product occasionally may not move the needle for people. Determining what wellness and beauty means to you is a journey and I want to be the kind, educated navigator assisting you. I realized my best advisers gave me the tools to discover what works for me to achieve my goals – I think that’s why I’ve maintained my lifestyle for so long.

Beginning September 1, Just a Pretty Face will be on hiatus while I rework my business model and goals.

On the move
As some of you may know, my husband passed away in 2016. As you can imagine, that incident turned my life upside down and I was lost for a while. My husband was killed in a car accident in Denver. At the time, during this grieving process, I had a strong need to feel close to him.

One part of this need was to move back to Houston and into the house and life we shared for eight years. My husband has been gone almost four years now. I will always love and miss him – I have moved on and I feel healed after a long process. With this manifestation, my path is leading me back to my hometown. Colorado is not perfect by any means, but it aligns better with the education needs of Senait and my personal lifestyle.

I have lived in Houston almost ten years. The city granted me wonderful career opportunities and I met some great people – But, it is time to move on and completely close this chapter of my life.

Thank you
I want to thank everyone for all the support and encouragement with EVERYTHING. You all are a part of the reason why I feel strong, empowered and ready to welcome new experiences and new people in to my life.

No matter where your location, I hope to keep in touch and keep you posted on life and business updates – If anyone is wondering, I’ll still remain the elderberry syrup lady. Be on the lookout for my annual sale.

This is not goodbye, it is just…see you later.


Ciandra Jackson