Career Change & Good Ole' Lavender 💜

Hello Lovelies!

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I hope everyone is well and gearing up for summer! The past few months were very eye-opening for me. I've done a lot of self-reflection and thinking about my future professional and personal path.
For more than 12 years, I've worked in marketing and communications for various industries. I'm grateful for this profession because it afforded me wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. I'm turning 37 in May and my heart and mind are telling me to pursue my other passions.
Obviously, you all know I'm an esthetician, herbalist and fitness enthusiast, but I'm also passionate about nutrition science. Eventually, I want to work in these arenas full time. Beginning this summer, I plan to enroll in classes at the University of Houston to start the journey to be a nutritionist and exercise science expert.
I believe optimal health is achieved through regular physical exams, nutrition, exercise, natural wellness remedies and proper care of the body's largest organ, skin. I know my journey might be long (I still have to work my current job), but with hard work and dedication, I know I can transition into a new, more fulfilling career. This process is scary, but change doesn't happen if you stay in your comfort zone.
I’ll always love communications and disseminating information in creative ways to various audiences, but I can use those skills in other ways to support people on their quest to excellent health and wellness. Please keep up with me while I take on this endeavor. It's going to be a bumpy, but joyous ride. Stay tuned for more!

Good Ole' Lavender

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I think lavender is the most common and well known essential oil on the market. People typically diffuse it to freshen the air or inhale it to calm them down. I really love lavender as a pre-face wash. (Just my experience) - I notice my skin is clearer and more smooth when I put a few drops of lavender in a hot towel and steam my face for a few minutes prior to performing my skin care regimen.  I found an interesting article about acne and lavender. Check it out

Note: Essential oils are lovely, but they are highly concentrated. Using too much oil or using oil directly on the skin can cause irritation. Before attempting to use essential oils on your face, please conduct a test on your wrist to see how your skin reacts to the oil. Also, start slow...don't use a ton of oil at first and make sure your face towel is diluted with a lot of water.  Let me know what you think about this little skin care hack!

I walk (mostly) & run (sometimes)

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These days I only run 10 minutes (Four times per week). Since taking up more body building / body weight work outs and gaining more muscle mass (I'll have to write an article about my experience getting a body composition test), my metabolism is on supercharge. I had to drastically limit running because as my mom told me..."You will disappear if you continue this".

I was kind of sad to give it up (Been a runner for 14 years), but I learned how to keep some running in my regimen and discovered that a few minutes of running is still very healthy and beneficial.

Right now, I am very enthusiastic about walking. Since I work at the University of Houston, I walk a lot which is very enjoyable. I get to be with nature and get my day starts off right with a 10 minute walk to the office.  I also like taking walks in Colorado with Senait. My mom's neighborhood is so peaceful and in the summer there's tons of trees and flowers to look at.

Making time to connect with nature while getting in some physical activity is one of the best things to do for your mental and physical health. Here's a great article about the benefits of walking and how the lady in the article lost 50 pounds through walking. Folks, you DO NOT need to spend hours on a cardio machine. Simply incorporating walking through out the day is a fantastic way to stay in shape. 

Hope you enjoyed this update from me! Talk to you soon



Ciandra Jackson