Just Face Lip Balm

Just Face Lip Balm


Just FACE Lip Balm is hand poured, made with the finest ingredients and is 100% all natural and vegan. Your lips will be kiss pretty and kiss ready.

The ingredients...pure, simple, natural.

Almond Oil - A hypoallergenic oil that is rich in a number of minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin E, and is ultra nourishing and moisturizing.

Candelilla Wax – Harvested from a plant of the Poinsettia family, candelilla wax is a vegetable wax that helps lock in moisture.

Coconut Oil – A great skin conditioner that softens and moisturizes.

Olive Oil – Antioxidant rich olive oil helps moisten the skin and is rich in nutrients.

Shea Butter – Also known as a superfood, Shea Butter is rich in precious constituents that deeply moisturizes the skin.

Soy Wax – Rich in Vitamin E, soy wax is harvested from soybeans and is a great vegan moisturizer that is natural and effective.

Vitamin E Oil – This skin nourishing oil is ultra hydrating and keeps skin smooth and happy.

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